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Talking tradition with wood burning stoves

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Our wood stoves have brought renewed nobility to those old fireplaces our grandmothers enjoyed.

Flam d'Art selected partners with solid track records in quality and expertise when it came to combining the charm of an old fashioned fireplace with sustainable comfort.

At our engineering office, we create unique models which take good care of the air our children breathe in view of sustainable development and invent eye-pleasing designs for homes, be they contemporary or traditional.

Our creations

Discover the refinement of Flam d’Art wood fireplaces and the soothing heat of our faience models.Read more

GODIN expertise

Our partnership with GODIN ensures you benefit from expertise in heating and cooking.Read more


Regnier ceramic workshop

Time-less Desvres faience: hand-decorated wood fireplaces.Read more


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Protect the environment and make energy savings thanks to your Flam d'Art wood fireplace!